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Leave Real Mail Alone - Instead of outdated word-filtering or language analysis, the Recurrent Pattern Detection engine from CYREN constantly analyzes global email traffic trends – to see whether your email contains duplicate data from others around the world.

Real-Time Protection - Global email traffic is analyzed in real-time: giving you the best protection possible, as soon as you need it – not when we get around to issuing an update, not just when your software gets time to download it.

No Extra Hardware - It's a software-only option, you can install it wherever you want it – we've even made the system requirements and overheads miniscule, to suit smaller businesses with scarcer resources (or larger businesses with meaner accountants.)

All-In-One Console - Not only do you want to avoid swapping from one UI to another, but you also want to set up certain abilities without lots of legwork in the EMC or PowerShell – we've catered for all that.

In any text, even with certain sections automatically randomized or extracted from human sources (like public forum posts or digitized articles and books), we spot what's repeated and block it using that.

Header contents, encoding – all kinds of information that may not even be visible to the typical user can be parsed and searched for patterns that are repeated in millions of other spam emails worldwide.

You don’t really notice it until it’s not there!
Jeremy Kettel communityyouthservices.org

From A Provider Trusted By Millions

Trusted By Microsoft And Google - Google, Toshiba and other massive technology providers have partnered with CYREN – and Exclaimer has used their RPD engine for over 12 years.

20 Years Of Experience - There's never been any anti-spam quite like their Recurrent Pattern Detection – and they would know, they've been doing this for more than two decades.

In Minutes

Free Exclaimer Support - We're a Microsoft Gold Partner with Microsoft Certified software and Microsoft Certified IT Professionals serving customers like you – we respect and understand the resources you use and we know you need complete reliability.

Simple Set-Up - We'll get you stopping spam in minutes – just download and follow our 8-step set-up wizard.